Our focus

Our three main domains of applications

In soils and complex media

Additives detection

Water treatment – Oil & Gas – Environment



About US

Our speciality: Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
If it's there, we can detect it!

Time Resolved Spectroscopy (TRF) allows us to detect our markers and tracers even in very complex or polluted media. We have developed tracers, markers, methods and detectors that can be used anywhere and that we are ready to adapt to your every needs. Many big companies already trust us with the detection of sensitive products. Be the next!

Heriot-Watt University IFE - Institutt for Energy Technology Mexel Total SNF Clariant Italmach

Our Team

Arthur Marais
Arthur Marais
Thomas Brichart
Thomas Brichart
Thi Thanh-Huong Lai
Thi Thanh-Huong Lai
PhD Student

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