Inibox and Inibox Mini

Our detector is called the Inibox™. It has been specifically designed for applications in harsh environments. With dedicated optics and electronics, the Inibox provides reliable and sensitive results on-site within minutes. Each model is crafted with care by our team to ensure the best detection possible for your application.


Military grade casing
Small and lightweight (< 6 kg)
Software available on tablet/computer
Battery for remote work in autonomy

The INIBOX comes with its dedicated control software bundled with customized detection modes tailored for your applications. Easy to use, simple & intuitive, our software will make the transition from sampling to results effortless.

Four measurement modes are available to fit all your needs:


Expert Designed for experts to look at luminescence decay
Spectra Scan the emission spectrum up to 800 nm
Calibration Guided analysis using a calibration curve
Ratio Calibration Guided analysis using a calibration curve based on the ratio between two emission peaks

In addition to all the functionalities already available in our macOS and iOS apps, our team is available to add more so the Inibox can fit into your workflow.