Additives Detection

With our technology, we can detect a wide variety of polymer additives even in complex mediums (production waters, highly polluted waters, etc.)

Since its foundation, Glincs has been at the forefront of research and development for the detection of additives used in water-treatment processes and oil production. It is currently compatible with numerous scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, EOR polymers and foam inhibitors.

Simple method

Glincs technology is fast two-step method working without any sample preparation. It I easily adaptable on-site using our portable detector Inibox™, or online directly onto your current installations.

No interference

Using our experience, we can provide a reliable and robust detection method which will not be affected by regular interferers like Fe3+, HCO3, etc.

High sensitivity

With quantification limits down to 0.1 ppm, monitoring your additives concentration will never have been as simple and precise.

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3 patents have been delivered for our method.